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Hibiscus Poem

I walked, lifelessly, on a pointless stroll,

In the rustic streets of south London, 

The gloomy weather, like me, has no soul, 

Life has been abandoned,

But to my surprise, I start to gaze, filled with glee, 

To find an alley of hibiscus flowers, waving at me, 


Colorful as the corals of the sea, 

Smooth, fluttery and free,

In a synchronised rhythm, they speak to me, 

Along the side of an alley, 

30, Saw I at a glance,

Tossing their trumpet-shaped heads in a youthful dance,


It fills my heart with courage and energy, 

Oneself could never have such vibrant company,

I danced and gazed at these lovely jewels,

As it guides a happy breeze, soft and cool, 


But as I gaze, I have little thought, 

Of what qualities and wealth this masterpiece has brought, 

For when I lie on my velvet couch, 

In a busy or disconsolate mood, 

They flash upon my eye, 

Which is tranquil, bliss of solitude, 


For when I recall who shall dance with us, 

I think about the lovely hibiscus.

This poem was inspired by William Wordsworth's famous "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud".  I wrote this poem, with the example of a different flower: the Hibiscus. 

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-27 at 12.58.34 PM.jpeg
'Hibiscus' - by Rishav 

March 26 2021 

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