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Shiva’s Palette-Art Event by Aneesh Trivedi

Describe what you did?

In the month of January 20th I organized an art event called Shiva’s Palette. I donated these paintings to my friends and also to my mother’s friends. The money which I had raised had been  given to the children at the school for underprivileged in Mumbai which is called Logic Centre and Community Welfare Association (LCCWA). My mum went to Mumbai on the 23rd of January and she came back on the 26th. Once she had reached she went to LCCWA and delivered the money and did a teacher training workshop for around 15 teachers. With the money donated to the school, the principal there will buy school supplies for the kids.

Why did you do this project?

I did the project because I wanted to help others who are in need. I should not be the only one of the few to be privileged. Everyone should have the right to be educated.

What are some of the titles of your paintings? Which one is your favorite and why?

Some of the titles in my art event were called I Love My Cats, Let Me Bloom, Yachts, Northern Lights etc. My favourite painting was the Cat Painting because of my love for cats! This was also my favourite because when I finished the painting I felt so happy and relieved, especially because this was the hardest painting of all. 

How do you plan to continue taking action?

I will continue to keep taking action by making paintings every holiday. I am going to be doing an art exhibition next time and my theme will be elephants and we will be donating money to LCCWA again.

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